Natura Faces (17-18)
Chapter II

My professional work career began as an Art Director for two of Brazil’s most-awarded digital agencies. A decade later, I was recruited onto the international advertising scene – I moved to Montréal, Canada to work for SidLee. During my total five years spent with SidLee (both in Montréal and subsequently Amsterdam), I worked with a variety of high profile clients on countless projects as a Senior Art Director

Naimé ︎ On the Other Earth
23.5469° S, 46.6431° W

Visual Animals 
Chapter I
Image Plethora (pp. 17-18)

A creative professional who thrives on exploring
a variety of mediums and expressions
in my professional and personal life.

Chapter III
Breathing darkness and fire

I bring a multitude of experience and
would characterize myself as a creative
and advertising polymath.

A Busy World (36-39)

The new invention
2014 — 2018

In Brazil I recently held a
full-time position as a
Head of Art at CuboCC -,
where I developed creative
strategy and headed art direction
for 360º advertising campaigns
focused on visual narratives.

Running São Paulo

The Diversity of Works
1998 — 2018

︎ adidas ︎  Nike ︎ Coca-Cola  ︎ Cirque du Soleil ︎ Absolut
Bleu de Chanel ︎ Heineken ︎ Y-3 ︎ Dom Perignon
Samsung ︎ Melissa ︎ Motorola ︎ Axe ︎ Spotify
Converse ︎ Fila ︎ Glamour Magazine Italy ︎ Marie Claire
Natura ︎ GQ ︎ Fuuucking Young! ︎

Fila ︎ Big F

Études Beauté III 
2018 — Jaque Cantelli

Imaginary Worlds — Craft
Constantly exploring new mediums of creativity while actively monitoring and contributing to the always changing norms of expression and media. Visually, my unique creative vision is often marked by the contrast between imaginary worlds and reality: organic colors and eccentric elements beautify unheard of perspectives; vision are realize in sleek and futuristic forms.