Nexxus - Keraphix Global Launch campaign
      Photography and Film Direction: Maltchique

    Client: Nexxus 
      Client Lead: Katie Fitzmaurice

        Hair Styling Creative Direction: Lacy Redway
    Agency: NY

        Strategy Director: Bia Zappa
    Producers: Juliana Bitr, Vinicius Rochlin

  Creative Direction: Bia Zappa, Maltchique

        Production: Santa Transmedia
    Assistant Director: Magu Marioto

       DOP: Naelson de Castro  
    Camera Operator: Vinicius Andrade

  Styling: Victor Borges
      Hair Stylist and Makeup: Liege Wisniewski

 Post Production: Liquor
        Retouch: Mateus, Alt Retouch


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